Wishes Upon A Rain Drop

Photo by luke flynt on Unsplash

Thursday, September 10, 2020

You’re on the way, right?

Blowing up the valley is all this smoke…

Not so alright…

As if there wasn’t enough to watch what’s going down our throat.

The sun rises red, looking directly at it my eyes can caress.

Beside it the wind flows, through it each fire is spread.

Take a picture, the natural filter is off the Richter.

Fire fighters evacuating nearby neighbors.

Worrying who’s next?

With hearts out to those who’ve already left.

Behind homes at an unrest.

And family photos awaiting returns to the nest.

In the meantime, faith, hope, and love we’ll grow.

Transitions are ugly but with goodness we’ll know.

Why nature’s burning off vegetation.

Understand this isn’t a forever situation.

But a global check for what glows in rotation.

Fires burn, the sun ignites, from there is life,

With waters to flow come our journey through night.


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