Art Through The Good, Bad & Ugly…

Artwork by Norman EngelSunset Breakers

Friday, August 28th, 2020

Things get better. The good, bad and ugly will arrive in waves. What are you going to do about each crashing onto your shores? Let it wash you, drown your feelings into sorrow, or sit there?

You could become a rock in stillness by standing your ground.

But until things improve, keep in mind it only does so for those who believe so. Negative people have what’s coming to them, and the optimist should never judge them, because those individuals create the contrast between good and bad.

The ugly, however, is often seen through transition.

Where pessimists are fighting old ways, optimists are conveying the potential greater outcomes, and rocks like any other moment just sit.

As things change and get better for those who believe so, the water rescinds back into its abundance of flow. It never looks back at what it washed over, because it knows it has the limitless of waves to do that shit again.

So, what are you going to do about the upcoming waves?

I have this friend, who has a friend, and that friend is toxic. So I cut both of them out of my life. Like a river connecting bodies of water on earth, my friend was blindly contaminated at the junctions where their streams crossed. When we’d connect, my streams would slightly veer off its path of clear flow due to filth, and their toxins infiltrating my waters.

The good thing is that it brought change. The type that allowed me to disconnect and see what was happening. It was hard, really hard. Not only because I had to take a step back to figure out what went wrong, but I lost a friend and unfortunately loneliness dried my river bed.

Some good news though, I recently reconnected with this friend. This friend’s stream flowed the same as always. At the junction of our stream’s crossing, the toxins they gave off did its thing, and my path briefly saw into another course as it got distracted.

But those toxins couldn’t handle the new bedrocks beneath my waters. And the filth washed upon nearby shores, exposing them for the worthless crap they are.

Now the more our rivers cross, the more those toxins and filthy worthlessness of crap crash upon rocks. The same rocks not caring for what toxins they dry out, or crap they expose because rocks don’t give a shit.

What gives? Whatsoever in this process failing to forgive.

As for the toxins and filth, well, they’re the moral of this story. Although my streams may veer off path, they have no say in where my waters end up. A good or bad place, their attempts to contaminate turns them into dust upon rocks that sit at the shores of beautiful beaches, coastlines, and natural cliffs where photos such as the canvas featured here are created.

That’s life through a stream of waters–carrying sand and other stuff making it a beach…

Enjoy it for what it’s worth 🙂


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