The Sly Between Our Green

Photo by Zachary Young on Unsplash

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Sinking to rise.

Awakens to die.

Fade its color to ripe.

A new hue upon seasons.

Ever seen green so gleaming?

What it gives.

Our air to breathe.

Standing new and pristine.

Barks the dog—its wool so clean.

How so it does?

Light as your feathers.

Easy as love.

Growing without pressure.

Its new green lies our treasure.

Shedding its forever.

Seeds of reason.

Synergy we’re breathin’.

Branches who’ll reach them.

Stems aren’t wooden.

Yet stiff to protect him.

From blind catalyst who distract em’…

Hissing through movement.

Reptilian like smooth skin.

These aren’t our kin.

Hanging from tree limbs.

But a species just breathin’…

We too will need them.


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