Like A Dog Sh!tting On Rocks

Friday, July 31, 2020

I swear she’s a person sometimes by how she makes me feel some type of way…

Or it’s the history of our fury companions, the evolution of us, with them. Isn’t it amazing to think about?

Who’s training who? Who’s walking who? Want the truth?

Although I get it on days I find myself carrying her poop home, it doesn’t exist. The truth that is…

No one wants to see her shit. Speaking of seeing other people’s shit, it’s all over the internet.

Gosh I’m so general, and because I too have left my shit all over the internet, including what’s on this site, I’ll clean it up.

Walk it home with me so it’s safe and no ones grossed out by my blissfully themed writing. Most the words I write are thought out at places near water, working out, and holding my muse high where only I can feel it.

Then I construct it and press ‘publish’…

It sits there waiting. Attracting those like yourself who’ve read this far. Because you get it.

What’s to get exactly?

The exact same feeling of relief when you get home and throw away the shit you’ve been carrying all day.

Take a look at your social media feeds over the last year or so. What type of shit are you leaving out there?

It can’t be as bad as dog shit. But if you couldn’t bare to reshare, or you don’t have social media, then BOOM…

Either way, now you’ve got it and it’s your job to give it.

Studies show that one in ten people understand what I’m taking about. Studies are also reflective of the past.

Don’t get it?

Evolve. Or lie trying. Because I did. This is one of those I’m spinning in my head while walking my dog, type ideas.

I just hope you enjoyed this shit, and forgive me for my potty mouth.

Because we too, as you can see, leave shit out there no one cares to see.

Or, read…🙂

In conclusion, be sure to leave meaningful shit atop village rock.


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