Feature Photo: Taken by D. Smith

Friday, July 3, 2020

The morning before the feature photo was taken I thought to myself, “self,” and I responded, “what?” I went on to think….

‘Let’s be extraordinary today…’

It was Wednesday, August 28th 2019 and something about that hot summer day. Portland was finally scorching after a mundane June and July. The weeks were falling into the next as time was pretty much happening now… (in my world). To put things in better perspective, I was coming off a rough spring of pressuring myself daily to accomplish one thing that likely no one would think to do.

I began the day in meditation. Resting the wings of my often spinning mind, resetting the emotions within, and compartmentalizing the hurt of her leaving me. It begins with what’s read in between. From traditional wordart of the Japanese culture I grew up learning, into expressing on Microsoft Word the inner thoughts of my meditative soul.

After writing a few haiku poems in it’s original 5-7-5 syllable format, my friend calls me saying, “it’s hot… likely the last of the summer so let’s float, bro!” (or something like that…)

And, “hell yeah,” I responded.

I first thought about it because I wanted to be extraordinary and start what I saw myself accomplishing. You know, the one thing not many people would do…

So, I went with the flow, took my puppy out into the park, and got my medium best swim trunks ready. Within an hour we were on our way to float the Sandy River east of Portland.

But first, we ate a sandwich.

While waiting in the drive-thru of the sandwich place I pulled out my phone and began writing more haiku. The same haiku that’s read in chapter one of AN EYE BETWEEN MY HAIKU, was being written en route to the river you see me floating on.

Once we got floating I couldn’t help but to embrace trees ashore the river, a smothered gleaming sun, sand, mountains, and Portland’s cold river water.

After our four hour float when I got home, I went straight to Word and transpired my prior surroundings onto a manuscript. Though traditional haiku implies two images juxtaposed to create a poem by bringing them together through serenity, I used my imagination–reminiscing the moments in float.

Now when you see the future photo it’s not just a black man on a river, it’s me on a carpe diem trip. I’m blissed the eff’ out and embracing the environment to create the haiku below: (no paraphernalia needed)

Today you’ll make it.

Decisions you could regret.

Just do—carpe diem.

Far is a driver.

Deliver me to success.

I’ve had enough breaths.

You could do it wrong.

Fail to let strong be—it’s you.

Then breathe in rear view.

Sunlight here you are.

Mistakes are for fool’s fellow.

Trees pass in shadow.

Creatives now born.

All day you lay so lazy.

You must pay to play.

If the dog barks, swim.

Be you for virtue—stay me.

You owe no one; self.

Back to becoming extraordinary… which is all hype if you couldn’t tell. Although I completed book one in 21 days, my only goal was to have creative work selling on Amazon. I didn’t care for a bestseller, but rather an expression in time for what propelled me. I was broke, in heartache, and learning to embrace loneliness. After most of the advice I got was to slow down, and go back to work, I rebelled at the hint of my inner being’s words…

It, he, or whatever, told me to just write it; you’re a natural born creative and no one’s going to help sell thoughts.

And that’s one of the many fears I challenged myself to face last year. Knowing it wouldn’t be appealing to popular practice, I went forward passing everything standing in my path to get it done.

By the way, I redid a lot of what you’ll read in the book… Moral of this story, there’s a price to pay for being stubborn.

Over the next several episodes of BuddTalk’s Podcast, I’ll be breaking down the raw creative writing expressed in book one. So, until BOOJ-WAH-ZEE, please enjoy my creative writings.

It’s what bloomed out of a season of pressure writing…


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Budd writes to encourage readers to explore the depths of their inner ocean, an unexplored self, because it's fun once you get through the emotional part... “The world around us is our vehicle, what you'll read is how I digest it.” -Budd

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