Airplanes Are Time Machines

Photo by Yoshi Sugimoto on Unsplash

Monday, February 24, 2020

Imagine driving to the next city you’re flying to. On the road it’ll take longer. Book a flight you’ll arrive tonight.

If I walk up I-5 north to Seattle’s city centre, according to Google Maps it takes…hold that thought I’m checking it now…

17 irrelevant hours because I’ll never do it! I’ve walked more than 17 hours through airports.

So, what is time?

Linear and it never goes back. A measurement of space and movement we can’t retract.

With driving you may arrive at a destination faster than walking—it’s relative like that…

Time and space is conditional—the stress of it is provisional.

It evolves out of space. It comes before us and we often can’t figure its pace.

Like humans it’s unpredictable.

I used to love me a Lunchable!

Image result for lunchables

To enjoy one again I’d be the kid flying back in time. An inner field-trip and dietary crime.

Hop on a plane your being’s speed accelerates insane. The faster you go, time slows but you grow.

The slower you are, time speeds as stillness is at par.

If you don’t get time you’ll miss who you are. Don’t overthink this, just fly into the bliss but never too far 🙂


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