Some Get It, Most Ignore…

But does it really matter where inspiration comes from? Your personality may tell…

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Thursday, February 13, 2020

I like getting the big picture in life. Each morning my day begins with knowing everything I must accomplish; from stretching, meditation, and ensuring my dog knows we’re good for the day.

Then I get to writing.

It’s difficult being financially unstable, but that’s not where my head’s at. If I’m not there already, I’m on my way to a lifestyle of thriving through peace and prosperity after years of modern day’s suffering. Ironically, to get to this point it took much more pain and suffering. An experience making it clear why most of us don’t take the step in faith to get here.

I stretch every morning so my body understands the energy and flexibility necessary to proceed through the day. Meditation helps with my anxiety—otherwise I’d be writing you all from the crazy house. My walks and runs to the dog park with Kali ensure my companion is happy first. She’ll sniff out my mood before I see it coming.

If you’re connecting with these words then you get it. And like me, maybe your big picture isn’t as clear each morning.

Take my evolving path as an example—by following your heart each moment you might get what you want. But first you must trust yourself and accept the muddy visions of the future.

Uncertainty is often the big picture and from there life will gift you a desire you’ve been longing for.

Don’t believe me? Follow me and see. There are some things I just can’t explain today…

It starts with a determination of wanting ‘good’ in every moment. For me personally, it got easier after quitting marijuana and sugar.

In conclusion, here’s the disclaimer: nothing’s guaranteed but a struggle. It sucks but love it!

Consider this; the world’s most beautiful, expensive and frolicking diamonds bought for Valentine’s Day have undergone eminence pressure to attain its value.

Trust your struggle and protect your peace—for the prize is the journey.

And this comes from a black man struggling through his GoFundMe 🙂

Peace, patience, prosperity and love to you all!


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