How A Good Morning And I Woke Up This Tuesday

Photo Cred: Yochai Mossi — (Special livery in support of Amur (Siberian) Tiger conservation)

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Today, sunrise is 7:47 AM—as is this post I type.

And it would be 4:07 AM when I opened my eyes.

I killed the doubter 7 days ago but he visits—it’s no surprise.

The Tiger in me breathes the upcoming day’s challenge, and there I see life.

Another day to write to a 747 ride—am dreaming a long haul flight.

Wouldn’t you if it meant everything would feel alright?

It’s Tuesday and I used to hate day 3 of a 7 day fight.

Today’s a day for using your creativity in light.

Good morning to those commuting nowhere.

But to a chair in the other room.

Connecting through vibes.

What’s your phone do?

Computers I book flights through.

An addict who adventures through poetic use.

Meditation for my calming head’s boost.

Inspiring likewise, the journey’s truce.

Nothing’s promised but a struggle.

Better put the stories to use.

Or become the story.

Twitter feed worries.

Am done here.

Good glory.


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