If You Had An Aircraft Of Choice

Photo by Nicolas Jehly on Unsplash

Saturday, January 4, 2020

This is magnificent and gravity pulls us.

Where the nose goes the plane follows in trust.

Better it be the creative to write the flight.

Tonight the journey will be in sections alright.

Conclude with success or better flow chains.

Gate to gate, city to city, some prefer trains.

What’s there to do in-flight the longest journey?

Read, breathe, eat, and repeat?

I forgot about the TVs.

For those who’ve earned it they get sectional seats.

First class, business, the A380 has suites.

Don’t ever say no to luxury.

Singapore and back, I’d try it if I had it like that.

Grant I become a CEO and get it for the long hauls and back.

What is jet lag now that interiors help crank back on that?

Road warrior or vacation worrier, travel with vision.

Walk as if each moment’s a joyful precision.

Smell the morning breakfast, next jam up.

A day of bliss awaits your destination.

Arrive as a free traveling spirit.

Not the airline, but who cares..

Lower airfares, who dares?

Cheaper seats up there.

No A380 money?

Fly your way.

Risk delays.

I don’t care.

…just wanna’ get there.


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