Commuting Into Life’s Bliss

Photo by Mado El Khouly on Unsplash

Friday, January 10, 2020

Welcome to the newest, yet second Friday of the year.

Quite fast into the decade we’re 10 days in here.

A bit of old news, but what difference we hear?

War there, lair here, vote this, and ignore that.

Reality is the past—what’s in front of you is your path.

Believe it or not you choose your best life today.

Keep doing so, it’s Friday and the moods are likely high ya’ know…

Ease into the commute, smile at the next person as if they’re famous.

When they look back at you it could be awkward—it’s what fame is.

Heavenly known as the overcomer of pain’s bliss.

Sharing to the world art’s eternal mist.

Like a thought, in air it persists.

Leaving creatives to drift.

Morning to afternoon,

Evening into night,

These days await,

People to ignite life’s fate.


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