Wake That Ass Up!

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Friday, October 8, 2021

Soon, you’ll do morning different,

That tea will sip splendid,

It’s stirred, isn’t it?

Drink slowly, it’s hot!

Pair it with an apple, scone or what not…

Cinnabon for a sugary morning run,

Bun apple tea,

This morning’s on me.

Words to end a week.

Verbs to move as we,

Bring a weekend to hang so free,

Cause we’re jailed at work, good grief,

Yearning for the hour we leave,

Come home to a house in defeat.

But the weekend is here, finally.

Maybe coffee does it, not tea,

Either way, it’s Friday, okay?

Maybe you WFH all day?

Thinking, freedom’s a walk away,

My couch is right there,

Why wait?

That’s right, we need a payday.

Rent’s due and you can’t be late.

Anyways, there’re two days that wait,

Assuming you get through Friday,

But come Monday, don’t worry,

A cup of coffee or tea awaits,

As soon as your lazy ass’s awake 🙂



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