Day 41 of 44 — This one’s for my dog…

Sunday, December 15, 2019*

I have to watch my language — I know kids aren’t reading this anyway. But about my skittish puppy.

She chases the cat, who hunts the mice, and it drives me crazy knowing the cycle of life has given me that.

A natural exterminator. What would Kali do with the cat? Just play? I believe the cat would win the scuffle.

I wouldn’t bet against a stray cat’s fight for survival. The cat would kill the mice, scratch my dog, and me a watcher with nothing to do with it.

As I calm her before entering the dog park, her whining annoys me. But the joy in her I see.

Rolling in the mud awaiting the next dog to chase her. I don’t exist when her friends are favoring her.

A bit embarrassing as an owner but I’ve seen worse. At least when it’s time to go she follows me and brings the dirt.

The price she pays for a mud bath is a cold rinsing — and a new nick name after washing off the dirt she attached.

Like the thoughts in me she cannot see, the dirt I wash off was never her concern but only in me.

Clean and lean with her fur again fluffy — meet my adorable mudpuppy.


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