My *Bleep* Gets Down & Dirty!

This one’s for my dog…

Sunday, December 15, 2019*

I know kids aren’t reading this, so why should I watch my language? Anyways, about my skittish puppy.

She chases the cat, who hunts the mice, and it drives me crazy knowing the cycle of life has given me that.

A natural exterminator. What would Kali do with the cat? Just play? I believe the cat would win the scuffle.

I wouldn’t bet against a stray cat’s fight for survival. The cat would kill the mice, scratch my dog, and me, who’s a watcher with nothing to do with it, will write about it.




As I calm her before entering the dog park, her whining annoys me. But the joy in her I see.

Rolling in the mud awaiting the next dog to chase her—I don’t exist when her friends are favoring her.

A bit embarrassing as an owner, but I’ve seen worse. At least when it’s time to go she follows me and brings the dirt.

The price she pays for a mud bath is a cold rinsing, and a new nick name after washing off the dirt she attached.

Like the thoughts in me she can’t see, the dirt I wash was never her concern. It’s just me.

Clean and lean with her fur again fluffy, meet my adorable dirty mudpuppy.


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