Photo by Yunu Dinata on Unsplash

August 28, 2019

I feared this day would come. I slept peacefully for nights, and one morning I hear you fuckers gnawing away – “what is that?” I asked self.

Denial is mother’s fucker. I saw your cousin run beneath my deck out front earlier in the summer. Assuming you were bypassing properties, no wonder the stray cats keep lighting up my motion sensor lights at 4AM. Maybe you originated from the neighbors? Did you breed on my property and now labor awkwardly? My home is clean, organized, nothing like my neighbor’s property.

Here at Dekum’s Blue we stay clean to inspire the reading few. It’s frustrating to hear your scratching, and in my walls you run through. I saw you face to face, and to think how innocent a cute face. Little one running from the prey of your space. I can’t let you live here – I run this place.

For now, keep running. I’m sure the insulated attic above me is warm, cozy, and plenty of wood beams to chew on. Winter’s coming so don’t fuck with my furnace. Chew on any wires I’ll spray the repellent, so you’ll be back outside with the felines.

Although I first thought a rat, the running on my rooftop must’ve been the black stray cat. This morning, however, I met your scout. I stared him dead in the eye. Right beside my gate I said, “you’re cute but in my home you still must die.”

Little brown mice you run and go.

What a chance you breathe what we foe.

And take for granted the peace of ease.

The same air we forget to breathe.

Maybe one, maybe two.

But for my sanity I must kill you.


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August 7, 2019 – Benjamin Franklin Bridge (Philadelphia, PA, Camden, NJ borderline)

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