Are You Burning To Read My Truth?

This is a creative writing mashup of subjects I’ll be writing about in the coming days and weeks. Subject to change because that’s what life is about. Just enjoy it!

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell on Unsplash

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

What are the lonely doing for the holidays? Let’s redefine lonely and ensure we aren’t talking about the sad.

If your success is granted through your love language, and no one understands love, would it explain unhappiness?

And because happiness is considered a by-product, maybe the lack of action is the reason for dissatisfaction.

My dog, who gets excited when she see’s another dog, is not like us people. We instead do something different when we see other people…

What do you do when you see another person; stare, glare, or acknowledge? It’s infinite but be aware next time.

Maybe people don’t care about you because you’re selling, explaining, or telling a problem. People want solutions. Otherwise, your words are polluting.

I don’t care what the outcome of my GoFundMe will be. It’s there to attract individuals who care to support a writer, and today! With that said, I need the help—but as I mentioned before, my problem is what’s being heard first. The solution lies in my love language.

Your value is embedded in what you can do for others. Your value has nothing to do with what’s in a bank account, job title, family name, etc., because that’s all contextual.

If you don’t get me, message me.

I fear one thing.

What’s it like to go from six-figures to zero income in one year? I wouldn’t know, but you can ask Budd.

Again, about this love language thing, what’s yours?

Words of affirmation?

Quality time?

Receiving gifts?

Acts of service?

Physical touch?

Although one makes me think of my ex, who cares….

Give off your love language daily and you’ll reach heights in life you’ve never touched.

Trust me—it’s how I’ve survived 2019 without income.

And lastly, #amwriting a cognitive behavioral model. You won’t find any content around it on this site, yet it answers the one question burning to write my fear.

Ironically, it answers why I’m here…


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