I Must Thank All The WordPress Readers

Here’s a thank you to my readers. And to the supporters I cannot see, I continue my journey in consideration of the potential supporters who’ve yet to read. Here I write, seeing the unseen, believing the undone, and to receive the unjust… Is not just.

Photo by Lip on Unsplash

Friday, November 29, 2019

I’m only a man trying to get his write on.

With many supporters on the way to say, “right on!”

Believing is seeing something no one else does.

If it weren’t for your eyes, I’d likely be wasting my love.

Withholding my trust, gunning to bust, and leaving me rust.

The appreciation doesn’t stop here.

I’ll be fighting my imposter syndrome in fear.

Facing how I’d come in touch with the poet in just a year.

I speak the language of thanking you sheer.

Arigato, the domo is ‘very’ formal.

A language Budd and I learned before the turmoil.

From my old WordPress site that sucked,

To have grown out of it is no luck.

But an all-in with emotions to thank and trust.

And you, again, for reading my words from dust.

I’ve received what once I couldn’t trust.

A promising future with you and now I must,

…succeed or else these words won’t mean much.

The follows said keep going.

The likes say, “you aight’…”

Written on a black Friday.

I’m black everyday.

What else could I thank and say?

Sometimes in gratitude, it’s hard to end this wordplay…


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