Heading Straight For What?

Photo by Vek Labs on Unsplash

Monday, October 28, 2019

This is a poetic update for the supporters of a dream chaser.

From day one the plan was to write, and tomorrow, be greater.

In the power of showing up, let go and believe you’re creator.

It’s in your heart; try not trying, sit there, and look smarter.

Write an audience like you; who looks like you, then ask if their title’s important to you…

Or, how would they treat a title less respective than you?

…how many others they care to influence through you?

Park the patience, allow it to slip into gear.

Who waits to drive a car so cold this time of year?

Success is the commitment to seeking the next, then cheer.

If you’ve done it in your head, sit back and let the anxiety shear.

You’ve got a movie to dramatize, do it first for your peers.

Relax for the hums; when you react, you disturb the body’s hmmmm…

Writing for the support of a writer’s hardship through year one…

This shit’s not easy, and I’ll never be done.

I’m headed for the kitchen to sip drink one…


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