The Movie Of Life Continues As So

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I think a lot, enjoy.

October 12, 2019

As the producer goes out for lunch, hours would pass before he/she returns. Actor and director know the script, but there often comes a time when either of them need approval to proceed in the scene.

The director can’t seem to sync with the actor’s improv actions, and after a while, things get to happening a bit too fast as egos collide.

Soon a text from the producer who at the moment is hopping into his/her fancy car, and heading back to the set, responds with a, “just go with all of it. We’ll edit ‘stuff’ out later…”

Tension stage-left has the make-up artist portraying incompetent faces. Camera men and women are spinning film. But the producer says we’ll take it all.

The indie-film of life gets a break after the crew replays the last take. It’s never that bad, isn’t it? Except when the actor is tired.

Arriving late evening, the producer comes to meet an unambitious standing crew, “the actor’s tired, tired…?” He/she shouts.

Director gazes in the moment to give a perspective of reality. The consensus was this, “we are all tired, and no matter where you are in this race, we get shit done for everyone else,” with crossed arms the actor rolls his/her eyes.

The goal is clear; done is better than not getting started, or incomplete.

Whatever the crew reviews later will be the essence of cause. It happened, get over it. It’s 2019 by the way, people forget to forget.

I personally have no experience in film, but the producer of my life is often in la-la land remotely watching. As the actor, a director guides. Emotions by the exterior world become distracting. And that’s a part of the process.

Just enjoy the shit. Only YOU have the pain of dealing with the mess. And since I’m using film production as an analogy, allow me to clarify.

Assuming you’re in touch with your producer, or higher-self, the moments you forget to keep them all close are in contrast with the moments we forget who we are. You the actor, best described as id, will fuss with ego all day. They’re the director.

In reality, you are the producer as well. Let the actor and director do what they do best. Which is play out the film to best follow the script.

It’s okay to act as if it’s projected an Oscar. The world needs your drama. Best you than the producer, because nothing would ever get done. (wink wink…)


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