Trust In Watering Rocks

Photo by Yiran Ding on Unsplash

August 23, 2019


We do things in joy.

Working where we don’t enjoy.

No one speaks—but noise.


How be the other?

Far from your mother’s scorned eyes.

It’s overcoming.


Kids as they play, fun.

Life it must go on so far.

Suffering, though, stays.


Dog’s still with the rocks.

Resting the wings for time to stop.

What next be it so.


Take care of yourself.

I repeat the word’s future.

I am time for some.


Why did she go far?

It was me who couldn’t par.

Just live for now—crawl.


Sad is not you, though…

Brave’s what got you above thought.

Be that—play your part.


Airplanes fly today.

Land tonight; wet palms aboard.

Anxiety, be yours.


Divine in the way.

Love, or far away it go.

Maybe career, so…


Oil change to ease drives.

What’s life? Meditate. Think once.

It is what you thought.


Practice Compassion.

It’s often you who dealt you.

Inspire and be true.


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