April 28, 2019

The feature photo was taken at Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon in Iceland back in 2015.

I can imagine I’m not the only man in general with the desire to travel to Antarctica, because I’d love to simply walk off the face of the earth for the flat earth believers to simply have their say on that matter proven. And this has nothing to do with that, but rather for my uneducated curiosity about that place down there. How the f*ck does a regular person like me get down there anyway? I’ll Google it later.

Maybe a cruise?

I’m only curious because I used to read about the continent in the ‘A’ book of my dad’s old World Book Encyclopedia collection. I read about airplanes, aerospace, aero-everything, and then there was Antarctica.

This was before wi-fi, and even before cell phones. Matter of fact, this was before Windows 95. Maybe MS-DOS. My father’s encyclopedia collection, and my pets was all I had for leisure. I played Batman a lot. I often thought I was Batman.

Antarctica was that place in the encyclopedia where you just wander who cared to read up on that place? For me as a child it was the void of the book, because what does a black boy like me got to do with Antarctica?

I used to ride my bike to the airport as a kid. The adventures started by riding to grandma’s for breakfast every morning in the Summer. She lived about three miles from PDX, and with my exploratory habits on my bike I knew one day I’d be riding further alone.

Everyday I would ride closer to the airport, but stop at the overpass before the military base since I was afraid of heights. One day I kept going. By eight years old I was biking to the runway show off 82nd Way. I watched for hours as planes descended on their final approach to land onto runway 28L. I also watched my dreams go into a bliss, asking myself, “what if one of these planes is coming from Antarctica?” I guess for me, this would be an easy start. A dream and the airport.


I'm passionate about my story, so I challenge my readers to be as well if they aren't already. I once thought long & hard about the challenges we give ourselves daily, of finding an eternal feeling of joy and abundance. Through inspirational explorations of my past, I attempt to influence others to find theirs. Here on @vehicledigest.net you'll see what allows me to display my enthusiastic lifestyle; whether it be through creativity, elegance, or wit.

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