DigestReport VOL. II: Budd Talks With Friends

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Wanna hear a couple friends and I pour up on BuddTalk’s Podcast? We’re also asking Bill Gates about his submarine yacht, which allegedly floats somewhere around Seattle.

But first, get this…

I was trimming my tree the other day and got to a bushy part. There, I found a sparrow’s nest. I tossed it aside to trim the branches. Within one minute a bird flies over chirping at me. And then, I felt bad.

Really bad.

Why? I sort of know.

I guess there comes a time when you care for things like birds. And their home. But you also care about the land you live upon, the trees growing from your property, and as mother nature gets in the way of our sun shinning into windows, you care about that, too.

But back to my friends, Mark Jacobs and Justine from Los Angeles. They’re the reason I trimmed the tree outside my guest bedroom because leaves and branches were growing just outside the window they slept next to.

Imagine if the Milky Way was growing in the way of another galaxy’s view of its brightest shining star. Then branches get trimmed, excuse me, planets and moons are removed to clear their views.

Fuck them, right? Because guess who no longer has a home?

Actually, we’re dead.

Anyways, this is the latest DigestReport because I think a lot, and apparently have friends. And for that bird, it has no friends. It chirped alone while I cleaned up the leaves and branches. But again, I empathized with the bird. Not because I destroyed its home, which had no eggs in it, but no other bird came to help.

I believe it’s a stronger bird now. I know what it feels like to call for help and no one responds. So fuck some of you, while I love you all!

The moral of this story, be the rock for your friends. But not if it comes at the cost of other’s well being…

Our sun still shines on our thickest overcasting days.

…so that’s all I have to say, it’s all I have today 🙂


1:00 – Introducing Mark Jacobs and Justine (Justine’s IG: missfinancialfitness)

5:20 – Challenges of teaching during COVID.

11:00 – Education competing for kids’ attention: Long term planning, finances, and money mindset.

25:30 – We are Diverse as FUCK!

27:40 – Why are friends in my studio?

38:45 – They watched T.V. [documentaries] on Vacation: The Devil We Know and The Pharmacist.

53:40 – I am not a Byatch!

55:30 – Sorry, I have not 5-day fasted yet 😦

1:00:45 – Closing Remarks: What to watch out for from us…

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