A Holiday Alone With Others

Featured artwork by: Matthew Attard

Friday, December 18, 2020

Who likely never make their bed.

Repeat a fly-over holiday season instead,

…of joining distant zoom holiday meets,

Which are cheaper with less regrets.

Money spent on bills—wishing upon less debt.

Who am I kidding?

As if 2020 ain’t been a dread…

For some, it’s just the month of December.

Then onto another month to get slender.

Got a New Year’s resolution to pretend here?

You sure you’re up for this unpredictable year?

Yeah, there’s a vaccine but who dares to go near?

We already got people on TV, attempting to relieve the viral fear.

Anyways, I’m good alone.

Which’s why I get asked if I feel my current planet is wrong.

…numb to the holidays as my mind just roams,

Onto Greece, an Iceland beach, Egypt, or a Jamaican-me-dream.

Oh yeah, Japan too…

I’m everywhere in this thinking tool.

And you should be too,

Especially if you’re alone in December and didn’t choose.

Ironically, this lifestyle’s chosen by few.

Because those who make their beds,

Know happiness isn’t what you pursue,

But rather a year around,

Or even monthly,

Or try daily,

Action looking for you,

And about my planet,

No one asked about it…


Ps, Today’s my birthday.

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