Like Water, Love Floats

Feature Photo: ‘O’ on a boat…

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Love is heavy.

It feels heaviest in the beginning…

Like, ‘in love’ type love—you with me?

Exciting, vulnerable, aspiring and thrilling.

You don’t fight love—like you wouldn’t fight water, right?




And so I waited for you—lonely, cold, but calm.

Though I wasn’t lonely and cold, looking back I dreamt we’d bond.

And so, what is love in the waters?

A ship floating lighter?

Two vessels drifting farther?

Sinking as rocks settle deeper?

Must we understand love never answers our wonders?

Tossing out hope, to reel and promote so our hearts get flown.

…to places uncalm as we settle into reality.

Back upon a boat—as lonely tragedies…

Seeking partners to sustain a well-being,

So when love docks upon your smile, seek it at ease.

Without drowning, swim through its eyes and tease.

Like water it’ll settle, and dirt will mellow…

We’re 70 percent of what flows…

The other 30 is dirt we must let go.

…to explore our clear waters so love can float.


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