Who Rescued Who?

Training my hyper-reactive puppy in public places is not only a challenge for her, but also myself. People often stare as if I’m torturing her. She’s overly sensitive, resulting in high tension and anxiety like behaviors. To the group of people who questioned my practice, your ignorance is appreciated. Maybe they’re accustom to seeing hyper-reactive dogs with impatient owners… As most dogs I see aren’t trained, I came a bit different into this experience. Yesterday, I wrote a short poem at the park while keeping Kali in her ‘place position’. Learning this is a daily practice of training and patience, I’ve noticed it comes off intimidating to other owners at the dog park. Maybe they gave up. Enjoy 🙂

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

For the patience growing within.

And our time it takes as she whines and grins…

My teeth—now, shut up dog.

You sound like a frog.

The public assumes me a torturing hog.

I don’t care—but in hopes she’s well behaved come summer’s fog.

Most don’t care to publicly train their dog.

The sun’s out late so we’ll try until calm.

Sit young puppy—don’t jolt at the approaching dogs.

Relax, for each moment you’re calm…

We’re closer to the park where you can run and mob.

With your pack to lick and race.

Meanwhile, I breathe and pace.

Looking to the sunset resting in space.

Tomorrow, again, we’ll be trainin’…

Hopefully it ain’t rainin’…

But you must grow your patience.

And not only you, but me.

I too am an animal cravin’…

More joy, excitement, and a run delighting.

My tribe, your peace, for eternity.

Because I refuse to give up on we


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