Poetry In Waiting

Photo by Ben Guerin on Unsplash

October 24, 2019

Patience, where art thou?

Like a mailbox, people await you empty, and now.

No letter from her, or check to eat dinner.

A simple plan on hold, moving so bravely.

I’ll try better thoughts, the emotion’s degrading.

A mood’s meant for people to move.

…with all their heart and soon behoove.

A voice in mind with sound.

Understanding most people need it loud,

For our audience, we beg not to prowl,

But sound in sight influences every strike.

GoFundMe for the people, I must type.

On the other hand, a lonely writer who needs a touch.

Embracing words which come so tough…

But good comes with patience.

Another word for a plan, writing to finish it.

Slow as bamboo,

Growing so wait on it.


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