Photography by Supreme Optics Photography

August 19, 2019

Two ears; to hear themselves read.

Two eyes; at least one viewing the words I write.

One mouth; but never a taste to swallow my doubt.

The nose goes; smelling inspiration of a foe.

You won’t need hands; unless you desire to thank the man.

Blessed to have stress; how else would I write through my mess.

What about your feet? Don’t need em’ — the internet’s already beneath him.

A gut feeling to transmit? Yes — up to your brain which hold the steering eyes of your reader.

Walk with your vessel; if you can’t crawl weak one, I’ll bring it home as best done.

I’m no hack — I’ll likely fail in front of you.

But I was here. To prevail in past views.

Does this sound like you?


Would You Help Fund A Writer?

I once thought long & hard about the challenges we give ourselves daily, of finding an eternal feeling of joy and abundance. Through inspirational explorations of my past, I've digested each experience with gratitude. Here on you'll see what allows me to display my enthusiastic lifestyle. Allowing the words to be my vehicle through creativity, elegance, and wit.

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