Who’s My Audience?

Photography by Supreme Optics Photography

August 19, 2019

Two ears; to hear themselves read.

Two eyes; at least one viewing words of prize.

One mouth; but never a taste to swallow a doubt.

Nose goes; smelling an inspirational foe.

You won’t need hands; unless you desire to thank a man.

Blessed to have stress; what else would I write through a mess?

How about feet?

Don’t need em’—the internet’s already beneath him.

A gut feeling?

That’s up to your brain; it holds the steering eyes, if it’s insane.

So walk with your vessel; if you can’t, crawl, weak one, I’ll bring it home as best done.

I’m no hack—I’ll likely fail in front of you.

But I was here.

To prevail in past views.

Would that sound like you?


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