6 Things I Appreciate About Traveling

Feature photo taken at JFK

April 6, 2019

(2016) Icelandair’s Hekla Aurora Livery spotting @ Reykjavík–Keflavík Airport

Getting on the got-damn plane.

There’s a stigma I have personally about people standing in the way of others who are walking to their gate. The frustration often comes when they’re trying to board. Maybe not so much an issue for first-class flyers, because we know they have their own issues. To travelers waiting for their respective group or zone to board, ensuring everything’s in hand, stand and wait in the way of others walking through the terminal. You never wanna’ be that passenger, always looking down on your phone.

You won’t have a good time.

Enough said there. To finally be on the plane and in your seat is settling in the moment—no more airport, for now. Just rest and hope for a peaceful flight.

Creating a Comforting Travel Experience.

Traveling is like Vegas, you get what you pay for and money talks louder than status. Which is why you can create your own experience if you’re willing to pay the extra dollars.

First, you’d consider what’s important to you; your time or money? Meanwhile, airlines and airports are analyzing this question through statistical demographics. Travel has become a global growing network with technology itself, and being on the cheap end, you’re more likely to find yourself getting on a plane frustrated about your experience.

If you aren’t TSA pre-check, chances are you follow the rules of the average traveler. Not only can the process be frustrating, you also have more people to deal with. But hey, it’s your call. Some travel for business, others for pleasure, and if you’re me, it’s another opportunity to play on planes if you know what I mean…

Meeting Airport Workers Who Love Their Job!

People believe that when going through TSA pre-check, there’s an assumed status. In some cases, travelers get it random. Going through the TSA standard line is nothing more than a live job interview process—as if your character is scanned in question to deem you safe to fly with others.

You may get the occasional TSA worker yelling, “Sir”, or, “Mam”, gesturing folks to keep the line going—because people are always on their phones. In contrast, whether at TSA or not, there are airport workers that show an enthusiasm for their duties, making it clear they care. They watch travelers miss flights, argue with agents, and laugh at the many people who just look down clueless. Don’t you love how often an airport just airports?

They do. It’s their lifestyle. And they predominantly express it in the most unique ways. Just watch. They’re rare…

Learning From a Turbulent Journey!

Frustration during travel is often shown in both airport workers and travelers, but it never shows a resolve. To appreciate a rocky journey you must also appreciate meaning. Back in February, descending into JFK, the entire flight was turbulent as the aircraft swayed left to right through gusting winds. The idea of this, to me, is simple. I think of turbulence like a boat hitting waves, a car running over potholes, or you walking on rocks. Only a dummy would crash, right?

Trust your Aviator.

And simply know that cancellations, delays, losing luggage, or fighting a crowd to your gate, etc, is all a part of the turbulent journey. It happens like a wave, or rain falling on rocks.


Embracing The Journey.

Traveling for me is the essence of making the world my playground. Without it we’d all be further apart, in terms of convenience. By putting a large piece of metal in the air, the other side of the world can be reached in 12 hours. Arriving can be the hard part, because your mind is still stuck on the other side of the equator.

Forget whatever you knew, this vacation is for the new part of you! Like everyday, treat the vacation like a lifetime journey, and f*ck expectations by ignoring your cell phone, too.

Coming Home!

You gotta’ love home to understand this one. It’s the standard that sets a tone for travel. This is why they ask you, “Wanna Get Away?” leave home and see the world!? Because home is where comfort sits.

Traveling is how you expand comfort at home. Needless to say, home is where the heart is. If traveling is home for you, then maybe your heart is here to inspire others to travel!

My appreciation for travel is all over the place. I’ve been around the world enough to understand that without the headaches in travel, you can’t have the perks. They work hand in hand. You get to decide what to appreciate in the moment.

*Bonus: Breakfast

I love eating breakfast while traveling! Or anywhere…. especially at resorts. Just wake up, leave your phone before walking down, grab a plate and eat breakfast.


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