Here I Am Sunset

Sunset over the Bosphorus Straight From Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

If I go too far off the bell-curves of life, please don’t grab me. I’m a wanderlust, discovering what it’s like to have become so different that the past seems fantasized. It’s another lifetime. Or a blink of reality from a dream.

What’s it like to be the soul who sees the hymn of a sea through reflections of others? I wouldn’t know because I’m writing the experience. I can’t say because I am the experience. Maybe lost, sometimes, but a wise man once said that’s normal.

The most important aspect of this journey is never to scold yourself. Never entangle yourself with the narratives of other people. When and if you do, accept that it’s a part of being human. We find that looking back doesn’t help, and emotions will keep you stuck.

So what does a lost soul do?

Be lost in the sunset, enjoy it, and trust the sun rises each morning for a new you. The peak of the bell-curve is safe, but to be yourself and confused—damned if you do, damned if you don’t.