It’s A Together Type Thing…

Photo by Dallas Reedy on Unsplash

Monday, May 15, 2021

She reminded me to never hold back.

Life’s a releasing like that.

Withhold and you’ll regret—facts.

I once sent a letter via fax.

She responded via Twitter.

Her response read bitter.

Love’s out there but who dares?

Doves cry but who shares?

…the dripping tears off each wing?

I’m dreaded, negro haired—a flying king.

Rhyming at things to recoup flings.

I’m the ‘type’ to write my queen.

She’s my inspiring synergy.

Sax blows her tone.

Native and grown.

Call her my own.

Earth angel.

Life maker.

I like her.

So, I write her.

-Love, Budd 🙂

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