Love Folds Itself

Sunday, February 14, 2021

We’ll say it at the worst of times.

Compare the feelings to priceless shrines.

Express its hurt when the tear duct cries.

Create excuses when it blinds our lies.

Rush aimlessly to prove we’re fine.

Part ways after figuring their ways.

Text relentlessly to say, “hey babe…”

Especially after missing their face.

Remember impatiently waiting all day?

To see, touch, and rub their face?

Now it’s, “please, shut the fuck up, okay…”

Who we love is a reflection of our ways.

What they do builds trust each day.

Lose it and there’s a price to pay,

Like a window she’ll break…

A few words he won’t say.

Love is stupid, per se…

Though we’ll fall,

Each day.

And be fools,

But hey,

It’s what an ‘I love you’ unspeakably creates.

Like perfectly folding a towel like a heart each day.

Or unknowingly loving your work,

Like your partner’s worth.

For some, it is work.

So love; or hate.

Written from a creative’s wordplay,

Writing without a her today,

Purposely, per se…

Kthnxbye 🙂


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