Become The Elephant, Today (CH. IX Preview)

October 20, 2019

The following is an excerpt from chapter IX of ‘An Eye Between My Haiku’, available now on AMAZON! This is book one of a creative journaling series I wrote out of meditation. The series is a journal of creative writing from the inner words of wisdom I chose to express. In between each chapter is inspirational haiku, to further confuse readers on the creative riddles through each chapter. The average reader won’t be able to wrap their head around these words, because it’s an enigma. You might ask why I wrote it? Well, because I can. And more importantly, I can creatively write about the process—

(Page 74 – Ch. IX)

Begin to create an individual who you think conquers the world. The challenge; if you sit at a desk all day it can distract you, or, if this has taken your attention, then think about what’s important. The person you envision will end up being one of two things; an idol you know, a fictional character you build, or you. It’s okay to see this person change as you figure it out. Change will happen regardless.  

Begin by creating the end desires of what you need long term in life. It may create distance between you and a lifestyle you love, but again, you must accept what’s important to you. I am not your master, but an experience which I’m allowed to share. It can go a long way if you’re willing to read. Once you create the end desires, write them down in correlation to the rules this individual will need to follow.

The rules may not need to be acted out now, but understand that you’ll begin to think them through as they’re established.

Another challenge will be time consumption—because producing something you have never done takes energy away from your daily routine.

I am not sorry, but it sucks, and you’ll need to get over it. Over time, you will begin to learn nothing people are doing matters. Call it The Art of Not Giving A Fuck…I have not read that book and do not plan to. Although the works have come up when I share with people my paradigm of thinking, about that book I don’t give a fuck.

Nothing against the author or press. And because I have so much respect for those with works before me, I stay out of their way. Think of it like this; the individual you’re creating and wanting to be in the future is your only competition. Today, you’re up against him, or her. They are smarter than you, stronger than you, make lots more money, and have seen past your struggles of today. Do not look like a fool in front of that person…

The eye meets soul one.

Synergy for the greatness.

This is where we write.

Whistle goodnight tears.

He sleeps half shade in bearded.

She is not guided.

Where daunting meets you.

Fear leaves you, become true nude.

Fail by watching you.

Colors they blast us

Recall the fee? Outlasts us.

Undo the petty.

Emerging the work.

Come solid, come meek, we’re weak.

Breaths of prey down hills.



For More On This Series…

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