Vain Is Love From A Distance

Photo by DanielSexi

May 26, 2019

Like a shelf to store, it’s there.

Be kind, be fair; love is the forever dare.

It ends with you.

The air we breathe just as true.

Grey particles float beneath the Sun and blue.

Is that you?

No, it’s spring and the sunlight warms a few.

We can see flying lint, too.

The Sun exposes it barreling through.

As words when panicked.

Call her, she’s still there.

Just sleep, then put gas in the car when it’s empty.

Pull up in the latest.

Bright eyes we speak.

Curiosity louder; for now may I seek?

Calm in the loud, and the quiet scent smacks your ground.

That is for now.

I loved how you spun my crown.

Your beauty speaks your abundance.

I can see it, a promotion may have once stunned it.

Your prize is writing to be seen with it done and fit.

Distant eyes; what a secret surprise.

For the summer or for now?

Ascending from love’s watering down.

Purple kisses til’ next time.

Dream Team wait for it.

Loving thee is a crime.


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