Das’ Benz

My status quo necessity was only because of the type of driver I am. So, with initially no stereo, the speedometer did not work, rear view mirror halfway gone, and worse yet as my father first pointed out, “don’t buy this POS” because it’s junk. But I was getting that Benz though!


OJPS’s Lenox

I still ask myself today why I bought that damn 94’ Mercedes Benz 500SE. I was rich in ambition but poor in my decision making. Who cared for the noise canceling windows, the old school luxurious big body, leather interior and the car phone; because Bell Systems ain’t care either in 2010. My father knew best and it was the worst $1200 purchase I’ve ever made. I eventually sold it and I didn’t break-even. I paid for this horrible financial decision in a way the education system won’t forgive me.

But again, I had a Benz…


Poultry: Abandoned

Recently, I’ve seen individuals I follow across a few social media outlets expressing their sudden elimination of meat and dairy products from their diet after watching the Netflix documentary, What the Health. And I can appreciate that – I reduced my meat and dairy intake significantly back in 2013 after many months of researching what all a vegan diet entails. I successfully completed a 31 day vegan challenge and lost 18 pounds! And many of my friends and family, in a way laughed at me for taking out the best tasting products us humans consume daily.

The diet itself was challenging – and what I valued more was the knowledge I gained from the research. Meat has done a lot of good and bad to the human body, and after my diet I knew this had to be regulated through moderation. I do trust, that everyone who’s suddenly jumped on board the vegan, raw eating, and no meat train after watching one documentary that tarnishes the meat and dairy industry, has done the research.

I read an article that some of those studies mentioned in the documentary are outdated, and the producers exaggerated findings that are not validated – meaning the study was not confirmed though peer review. In layman terms, What the Health’s findings are inconclusive.

According to the World Health Organization, there are 6 times more cancer deaths per year attributed to air pollution than meat consumption. I won’t mention the comparison between cigarettes and eggs, as this comparison was ostensibly exaggerated like I figured.

Suggesting meat consumption should be eliminated based on questionable findings is not progressive to society, let’s also consider the environment.


Uber Ride App: Shotty’

karzusymfra-dan-goldAlthough I’ve used it more so than ever this past year, I wouldn’t consider myself late to mention the ride share app, program, and/or service in my blog.  Uber has empowered you within the palm of your hand, to request on demand, a ride from a stranger to your destination. In fact, the largest vehicle transportation company in revenue, and Uber does not own any of its vehicles. With all that said, Uber is not anything new to us. I request my Uber via my iPhone, the driver pulls up within the displayed time and typically it’s quite soon after requesting.

By nature, and social norms, if a buddy of mine is picking me up to take me somewhere the expectation is that I ride shotgun with them in front. In any chauffeur scenario, the rider, myself, is getting in the backseat, hence, it is rude to hop in the back seat of your buddy’s car when they’re providing you the ride. That’s a chauffeur, participating as a driver on Uber? No, because Uber drivers own their vehicles. However, the Uber driver is not my buddy therefore why ride shotgun? They’re taxi like, yes. No question is being posed here but I had an Uber driver pick me up in a large pick up truck (Dodge) and I had no choice but to hop in the front seat with him. It would’ve been awkward in the back cab alone as if I’m one of his children


…Switching Lanes!

photo-1432462770865-65b70566d673What are we wheeling today? Have you ever heard the broken record, “don’t ask permission, ask forgiveness…” Lane changing, thusly. I feel like I’m asking a stranger for a favor when I engage my left pinky, or ring finger to switch on my turning signal to blink. You’re basically asking, “Will you slow down and delay your commute, so that I can drive in front of you…?” And some drivers are slower, because that could be a Subaru you’re being generous with. I’d hope you are moving with a sense of urgency because if I have to slide behind you, in any scenario, my gears will grind.

Portland is quite generous with this particular driving gesture, “come on over pal…” they say. In other cities, you would have thought the driver, who you’d hope allow you to switch over lanes, was your spouse’s ex.

photo-1445873014904-7dc044bd92dbIt never behooved me to ask a favor. Typically I like to find my own opportunities and leave any middle man or individual, out the equation of what I need to accomplish. While driving on the Boulevard, my engine’s fine-tuned enough to promptly make it up to my slot in the next lane.  And so conveniently, that my commute remains uninterrupted. We all know that spot over in the next lane does not stay open for you long enough, it can be a tight window. I’ll signal when I feel it’s necessary to begin my lane change, only to say I signaled. Old, and some new Subaru’s; you all are the worst as you travel a speed non-progressive to any moving industry in America. However, people drive you, much respect.

Tesla Model 3

2018-tesla-model-3-inline1-photo-667421-s-originalBefore I go into my very brief opinionated review on the new Tesla Model 3, let me say; when I do see this vehicle being driven down the streets of Portland, caught off guard, I’ll definitely look twice. I’ve never been a fan of hatchback model vehicles, and this to me is something of a  futuristic Mazda 3 with no front grill. They refer to the front as a ‘frunk’, but I’m not budging. I’m curious to how confident Tesla is with keeping its base price at $35,000. I can definitely appreciate the new age technology, but the looks are meh at best. So, considering the numbers on the pre-order list, Elon’s likely on to the next…


The Worlds Largest Super Yacht, “White Pearl”

I almost displayed this monstrosity of a boat on the showroom page, but I read more about the conspicuous yacht and I could not see myself appreciating it at all. I’m sure it’s a nice boat inside, but the design looks like an attempt to be so far ahead of modern construct, that it’s simply ugly. The three masts are far out of place, it almost looks like a modern day battle ship with tall off-putting poles.

To give a little more insight on this yacht, Andrey Melnichenko, the owner is in fact one of Russia’s ‘big money’ people. His net worth is a lot, a figure only phone numbers compare to. As a Russian industrialist, he owns businesses in the fields of fertilizers and coal. He acquired the Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK) and the chemical company Eurochem. SUEK is Russia’s largest coal producer, with a market share of 31%. There’s a large population that does not agree with his purchase of this quarter billion dollar spend. Considering the state most of Russia is on now AND how his fortunes were acquired under Russian President Boris Yeltsin. I think many nations can relate to those capitalist type decisions.

Tow Truck’s Multiple Attempt at The Maybach = Fail



Ferrari 458 Italia vs 86′ Volkswagen Passat

Let’s be real, if someone shows up to a drag race in an 86′ Volkswagen Passat, then you best believe it’s packing heat. Diesel power fa sho’ was put to work, but lets be honest [again], the Passat is not hanging with the 458 Italia past 45-55 mph. That torque we see is all the diesel can display. It’s safe to assume the 458 Italia driver does not frequent behind that wheel at all. You have to appreciate the Volkswagen enthusiasm for putting that kind of performance together against the euro-muscle.

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