Cadillac Sixteen: V16 engine with 1000 horses and 1000 lbs. of torque. Very slick front, but I’ll admit the only thing bugging me about this beast are the wheels. I like the idea of getting the coupe look on a sedan, the long hood imitates the 1930’s 16 Cadillac. It is well proportioned and the side opening hood pays homage to the vintage Sixteen. And to mention, the V16 engine can selectively shut down cylinders when needed, running on 4, 6 or 8 if needed. The heavy foot is accommodated.



IMG_4774Yachts: From the Palmer Johnson Yaht shipyard in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, this light weight carbon-composite built vessel is built to ‘piece’ the waves and not ride them. You can only see this vessel,  maybe in the Mediterranean Sea. Owner is unknown. A very futuristic design we should all appreciate, Transformers esque? Priced in the $10 millions, you’d have to be in the facile of money making to buy this yacht.




By far one of the nicest Corvettes I’ve seen. I love the Michelin wheels/tires, black spoiler, and black trim. Well put together@eddie_tena. Nothing subtle about the car, it all stands out well with the red and black. If I’m going loud then red with black highlights is my preference.


You can never go wrong with a custom, self made kit. Couldn’t appreciate this any more! @VossenWheels

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