Just Show Up

As birth gives new life,

Morning gives new day.

Writing be the only way,

I give my life meaningful days.


Whom often does not speak.
His mind is where it seeks.
His world observed, then later he'll speak.
Speak and inspire, derived from the above desire.
Watch closely, although most do not.
Watch boldly, although those who do, watch a failure.
A failure to react, to speak and attract.
Watch those eyes retract.
Don't ever look at me like that. I watch, then avoid eye contact.
Middle name awkward, last Porter forever.
Without a word, instead a sword.
Speaking words so clever.


What you see, untouchable like an Animal which speaks.

What you see, eyes untouchable; it’s the lion in him which speak.

What you see, a voice to keep running to the Mountain top’s peak.

Moonlight Run:

It’s a special hour; last order, shout out to the man who grew from the concrete to a flower.

Whoever knew the man would concur and devour.

Relentless, cocaine’s in the brain. Brown carpet box days, the dream started from anxiety thought and typical nigga ways.

But it never felt like the holidays, while them damn bells ringin’ & a dingin’ away…

What’s the reason this season?

Fight Night:

Last night a fight inspired; anyone else knocked down twice on the job woulda’ been fired.

Went drunk, depressed and unstable; like HOV said without the ‘cain’ he wouldn’t have been able.

But his eyes rolled back, Deontay Wilder said. How that man got up? Only GOD could have led.

Understand a fight is only an extension of your War; life, and all the WHYs you fight for.

Hilltops of Glory: 

The dream we live is much in thought.

We’ll await joy and happiness, only to reminisce it was just what we once sought.

But I tell you a secret, that the dreams are not meant to be lived. The dreams are not meant to be pursued. No intentions on being crude, but true.

You’ll upset yourself seeking actions of thought, because a dream pursued is an action not thought.

When self-reflecting, reminisce on the past actions you sought. Because that’s the real dream you’ll realize you once fought.

PODCAST: I’m building a studio in my, what was suppose to be wine cellar, basement. But I don’t drink wine so it’ll be a ‘studio’ where I’ll re-learn the alto-saxophone as well.

Needless to say, follow my site!

Country as a place in your heart: While I was recently inspired by the country music singer Luke Bryant, I wrote about music in motion a couple weeks back to explain what music does for us individually. In the moment it may bring a racist together with their inferior race, and they likely would not be aware. Yet today, who has an inferior race? I don’t mean to bring up the stigma because I hate it. But anyway…

I didn’t plan to go to a Luke Bryant concert, but my cousin invited me. I said yes right away, not only because it was a suite offer but I like country music. He played a lot of songs that I’ve heard in recent years, from the radio and on my iTunes. Also taking me back to the days I first started at a corporate job, because country music was drowning noise in the background most days. Either on my Pandora station or a colleague’s ‘quite’ desk radio.  And to say the least, his music brought that emotion back to a visual effect for me.

I reflected in the moment as if this was my concert – reminiscing on my days sitting at a corporate desk. And I also made sure it was a good time because I reckoned how far I’ve come in life in such short of time! Music will put that into perspective for you because songs aren’t that old. Luke’s songs may just be further down your soundtrack than mine – I just let the emotion of music do what it does, and ignore the stigma if there was one.

Wheels Down: The idea of me traveling along the historical highway Route 66, initially was a thought provoked by the TV show on Vice, Abandoned. I envisioned driving along this historical route to explore the abandoned businesses and establishments. But with every discovery of this historical and decommissioned highway, I decided not to follow through. Instead, I explored Mulholland Drive with Love.

So, that same March in 2017, the Santa Monica Pier was exactly what I read up about. However, I ran along that pier six (6) months before knowing about the ending of Route 66 being there.

San r66
March 2017 – Santa Monica, California

Yet, I flew a red-eye to Chicago to kick it with my boi’s…and because I woke up to a seven year old Caucasian boy sleeping on my lap for the last 30 minutes of my flight, I declared myself a savant. Considering the emotional level of intelligence required in order to sustain that type of attention and awkwardness and not flinch. And to mention, the parents don’t say anything! But the passengers around are applauding me tongue-tied in silence, and their hearts & heads shy for my public humility.

But I wasn’t there for that child nor was my emotions. I created meaning in another manner, the very next hour.

Because I was in Chicago!

And maybe my idea of traveling along Route 66 wasn’t necessarily, abandonedI did get to the beginning and the end. But maybe it doesn’t count because I discovered the end first?

“You Fly Too…?”: What it meant for me to be at an airport 25 years ago is similar in hindsight today, but on a macro scale not so much. The airport was a privileged location to be at for traveling of course, as I saw it, but it wasn’t until it became a part of my job that I began to see airports in a different way. It was more of a gateway to freedom in the days of hardship, but only in hindsight, because as I mentioned airports are now a part of my job today. The piece of metal connected to the jet-way would get you to your destination but that couldn’t happen without the simplicity of an airport. Or if you’re wealthy it’s a clearport?

Via @S_C_ Twitter: “From what I hear everyone has to throw up the ROC at the airport anyway.”

It’ll definitely be worth mentioning at some point; demographically we are accustom to seeing certain types of travelers boarding at the gate depending on location but when I see a similar face next to me at the gate, “…you fly to!?”, OJP once reminded me! But I could honestly care less now to acknowledge anyone at the airport because regardless of the passengers boarding the flight, going through security, or even walking around the airport, we all seem to be just as curious of other travelers. It would exhaust me to try and figure out everyone’s story at an airport. And if I saw Sean Carter in the TSA pre-check line next to me, then I’d be curious too. But I’m sure he’d be too busy enjoying the TSA agents requiring travelers to throw up the ROC.

Forecasting Foot-Work: Because most car enthusiasts have done this idea right, I can never avoid it. It’s something that has grown on me over the last couple of years – white lettering on tires has always been a [subtle] eye catcher for me. It stains a car with an aggressive hint to it – especially when speeding on freeways. I wouldn’t be doing the car culture any favor by allowing this, on my car to come off NASCAResque’, like an unfit, “oh no you’ve gone too far” type DIY project. Like someone installing certain wheels on a car, you can definitely do it wrong, e.g., when 22 inch Iroc’s are installed on a brand new Mercedes CL coupe.

If you don’t get what I mean, think about the individuals who are ‘fashionably’ challenged; they might walk into a room wearing a fresh pair of Jordan’s with a Tom Ford suit.

Maybe I went too far…

Here is a slide show of the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ considering this project. enjoy!

ATL 2_edited

Atlanta Int’l Airport: From concourse A – F, and T at the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, none the less a journey within itself, I always have to walk down to The Plane Train in the Transportation Mall to access one [aforementioned] concourse to another, and it’s become a place I hate to appreciate. It’s often my hub for the extended hours I get to work my 9-5; and frequently the last airport I depart from before I visit the cities the healthcare systems I work with are located in, and the last hub before heading home.

Long walks with my carry-on is not always fun. I see many demographics travel through Atlanta’s Int’l airport – mainly the ’40 year old white males standout to me because I travel through the domestic terminals. Also, they stand out to me because I assume we travel for statically the same reasons on Delta Airlines, business.


So, why is a cucumber cosmopolitan rarely ordered? I ask given the response of the seasoned bartender at the sea-food restaurant I ordered the cosmo drink at in the airport. Maybe he was caught off guard, but he had no idea that fruity, nor bitter drinks were not my thing. And an order coming from me, a beer might have been up to par with his expectations. I can make a safe assumption that his work’s location has allowed him to come in full fruition to make those types of drink order expectations from a passenger’s lay-over. I was warned this cucumber drink was not something people order, but I needed it to help digest the moment in the midst of a long work day. Now I’m finally at my hub in Atlanta coming from Memphis, on my way to the next city, Tallahassee. It was much needed for the calming moments in this picture.

I don’t fly American Airlines much anymore so it was ideal to blur the logo on the Airbus A320-300‘s tail in the background. AA delayed me once for its aircraft not having enough nuts and bolts in its interior panels. However, it is Delta Airlines that continues to bring me here. #AtlantaProud #DeltaProud


‘The Yas Marina Blue M3’: I was never a fan of the BMW F80 model – but somewhere between the assumed sky blue F80 M3 and my E92 black on black 328i, I’ve become much more appreciative of the BMW 3 series. The assumed ‘sky blue M3’ I’m referring to was a hopeful @VehicleDigest profile post, but at the moment I’m only able to see it on days I drive downtown into work. Stance is so essential, right? And offset wheels make all the difference. That’s why it really grinds my gears to see low profile wheels offset, that are not at least 255’s in the rear – that’s like trying to make a skinny guy look buff, you need girth! Enough about this stranger’s M3. I told myself if I’m going compact it’ll be a bruiser 3 series with some ///M stuff. I can’t imagine myself buying an M3, but the people who drive so in my city beg me to differ.


Bike Town USA: The concept was well thought out in my opinion, and having TrackTown USA down the street in Eugene, Oregon why not parent that. At least the label for that matter – implementing with Nike’s genius brand, the bike share program in Portland, Oregon has been assisted leading to its success.

My thoughts initially, most people in Portland already own a bike, even I do. It branded well and all across the central Portland area I see these orange bikes are being used. Some bus stops were even replaced with a bike pick up/drop off station (kiosk). Of course you have the occasional asshole. I can’t say I’m showcasing the bike itself, these are designed for a [female] assuming the upright position ride. The design was for a slow ride, site seeing I guess. The concept and idea I can appreciate, it’s been a success.


Audi A8L: Audi nailed it with this simplistic luxurious extended A8L, unfortunately, this is a special order. The Nordic folks really know how to get by on their looks, just ask King Harald V of Norway. For an undisclosed amount, yes you too can have a custom Audi built for your convenient travels within the city. Now, somewhere in the streets of Oslo, Norway, where my heart is left pondering the whereabouts of this vehicle, maybe it’s in the Fjords somewhere on its way to the docks to be delivered? All 5330lbs of it, and it has such a beautiful interior. V6, why would you want anything bigger or faster? Made appropriate for cruising.

Boeing 737 MAX: Upon landing, the spoilers go to work as you see the plane being pressed to the ground (1:25). Test flights always make a jet liner look like a remote control toy airplane; because pilots don’t have to worry about you, so the winglets get put to the test. The fuel efficiency will result in an 8% lower operating cost(cheaper airline tickets), thanks to the new 737 MAX AT Winglets. And for the community noise footprint, reduced by 40%…! Don’t worry I’m not selling this plane. The CFM LEAP-1B Engine is tailored for peaceful sleeping on the red-eye flights. Safe travels I’ll enjoy.


Cadillac Sixteen: V16 engine with 1000 horses and 1000 lbs. of torque. Very slick front, but I’ll admit the only thing bugging me about this beast are the wheels. I like the idea of getting the coupe look on a sedan, the long hood imitates the 1930’s 16 Cadillac. It is well proportioned and the side opening hood pays homage to the vintage Sixteen. And to mention, the V16 engine can selectively shut down cylinders when needed, running on 4, 6 or 8 if needed. The heavy foot is accommodated.



IMG_4774Yachts: From the Palmer Johnson Yaht shipyard in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, this light weight carbon-composite built vessel is built to ‘piece’ the waves and not ride them. You can only see this vessel,  maybe in the Mediterranean Sea. Owner is unknown. A very futuristic design we should all appreciate, Transformers esque? Priced in the $10 millions, you’d have to be in the facile of money making to buy this yacht.




By far one of the nicest Corvettes I’ve seen. I love the Michelin wheels/tires, black spoiler, and black trim. Well put together@eddie_tena. Nothing subtle about the car, it all stands out well with the red and black. If I’m going loud then red with black highlights is my preference.


You can never go wrong with a custom, self made kit. Couldn’t appreciate this any more! @VossenWheels

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