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Budd writes a string of inspirational thought – emerging through a lineage of free-thinking, motivation, self-compassion, and quieting self-doubt.

In between is the moving haiku which portray signs of hope, meanwhile journaling in a meditative state to uplift the mind’s exhaustion. By channeling the inner words of wisdom, they tend to be categorized into past teachings and ancient eastern philosophies.

Writing above the weeds of anxiety, emotional baggage, fear of failure, and scrutiny of beginner’s scold, Budd bores it all. Challenge yourself against the unthinking of thought. Does it read familiar? Were you taught to think different?

We were all born out of planet earth, but somehow grew to see these words different. Put your creative writing to the test. At the end Budd provides space for readers to write down their own free thinking.

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Excuse the French, we get colors wrong too..

Budd writes the poetic journey of the above dwelling below; discovering we are what lie between the land and sky. Approaching the land of free, Rigil is confronted by colors. His walk on refined American soil explain what barriers break him. Five years ago, via SpaceLook he published controversial stories in detail about his athletic days. The motive after assumptions drove those who vandalized his building.

A product of middle-class education, Rigil’s a 36-year-old black man putting color in a place we were first born to see. Trusting his past unveil the people who establishes his oath to self – proving his drive always be with an intellectual beast.

The illustrious city of Port Avanti couldn’t find where he failed, so he writes it. Dwell in the middle or fail by his riddle.

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Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, I began publishing content on VehicleDigest the Instagram account, now BuddWrites, to inspire my creative mind. Today, is the publishing platform for content related to Budd's books, speaking endeavors, and art. “The world around me is my vehicle, what you read is how I digest it.” -Budd

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