Creative Author, Poet, & Self-Publishing Writer


In 2013, VehicleDigest was an Instagram account where I posted pretty pictures of cars on, then hash-tagged for followers and likes. Without purpose, I was infatuated by vehicles and airplanes. So in 2014, I blogged about creating a world passionate for experiencing a vehicle’s essence. Expressing this daily through elegance and wit, I share with readers the beauty of our nature which became the VEHICLE of my journey.

What you read is how I DIGEST it.


I’m a Creative Author, Self-publishing Writer, Poet, and Freelancer born and raised in Portland, Oregon—encouraging readers to pursue their biggest dreams and passions.

Since the age of six, I’ve journaled to express frustrations with self-doubt and worldly acceptance. After overcoming years of a silent battle with depression, emotional suicide, and lacking purpose, I’m writing to showcase a muse discovered through childhood.

Though anxiety persists, I run to invoke creativity, box through bodily meditation, and play my saxophone to sharpen this keen ear for sound.

I used to believe it made me different.

But after accepting my raw style of writing and creativity, I went away with pursuing traditional avenues of publishing because we’re only a world of words, limited by people’s perceptions.

So, here I am—without editors, proofreaders, or a second opinion.

I just write.

So You Can Read The Faces of Budd

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Budd writes because no one can 'read' him. And it's a great way to hide public thoughts...

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