Listening Journal

Original Feature Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

Saturday, September 24, 2022

There are many songs that’ll meet me en route to you, book two.

As I stay connected, embedded in my roots of youth, these sounds and our artists will send me tunes—I’ll cruise, I’ll muse…

A song or two a day will keep the writer awake. Some rap, some flutes, or maybe alternative acoustical blues.

Exploring the sounds of a song is like swimming in the deep ends of creation, existence, and hidden pathways most avoid. And then you feel them, but only if you care to.

It can get weird—scary, too.

Personally, I’ve become open to the visions, embracive of the emotions—I do all but deny.

Three years ago I hated Lo-Fi. Today, it’s become the genre I often journal to. Five years ago, I could care less for Enya. However, one by one, song by song, I muse into new voyages through her new aging vocals.

So until the next toe tapper, I’m chin up and listening loudly so it can get all up in ya…That is, a new book, a new story, and what I once coined an uphill run on the hilltops of glory.


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