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Monday, August 15, 2022

When does a storm seem too good to be true?

For readers who can answer this, what does it say about you? Or what could it unveil about your truth?

If the truth shall set us free, then it’s in the moments that we break out of a lie, that destruction inevitably takes over our breath-to-breath moments. We’re seen broken by those who don’t get us—then they laugh and talk about us behind our back. We don’t often hear them, but it makes sense because the energies they release aren’t pure once we come back around them.

Our ego can be the death of us during these times, but it deserves more credit than we give it. Don’t suppress these assumptions, this voice wants to be heard—nor should you oppress it, that power benefits no one.

The attention it deserves is rooted in your greatest narrative. However, do not be fooled by narratives, because people are paying for their books to become ‘best sellers’.

Transcending intrusive narratives begins with a desire to seek the root of its disturbance. Whether this is with a therapist or through journaling and meditation, the meta-analysis of this activity detours the ego from outward voices to an inner voice. With the same energies the internal voice uses to create unworthiness, guilt, shame, and anxiety, it uses to mold truth.

This truth lies within an oppressed narrative that no longer wants to be depressed. It comes to be stimulating because the releasing of repressed tension is the revolving door of transcendence. This means you must act as a superior authority figure to both good and bad thoughts.

Keep in mind, that the brain does not store neutral memories. What you think is a moment or memory in passing, could potentially be an invasive emotion closer to the idea of a faucet leaking water. Over time, it gets annoying, becomes a bigger leak, or worse, it’s a symptom of a bigger problem.

Transcendence can look like the demolition of everything you’ve built and relied on in the past. But the humility it takes to pursue such a transition is rewarding beyond belief. It’ll seem like a muddy storm, destroying your every aspect of life—but in due time, you’ll understand it to be a storm clearing your path.

You’ll see that the insecurities in mind weren’t always others doubting you—but rather it was you, who needed a storm to get you out of your way.

No one comes out of a storm as the same person they entered as. What often seems too good to be true is that we actually make it out of the storm—untouched, untethered, and glowing for others.


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