Straight Of Within

(Photo taken in Phuket, Karon, Thailand – Big Buddha)

Sunday, May 29, 2022

As we return to the waters where we’ve emptied the river beds, we prepare the dams for outpour and flow. Having explored the deep seas, just because we could, it comes to pass that the journey back to the surface is a rise to freedom.

Freedom, however, is not of the attaining desires. Freedom is, to be at peace with why desires drive you[us].

Flying 35,000 feet above sea level to see it through—that is, trust in an everlasting idea. There as, without desire you carry no fire. Without aim, you dwell the same.

But we return to the rivers after voyaging through the deep seas. There, we found parts of us that we will swim, and a passing of time only a movie projects.

Now that we’ve returned to the rivers, it’s different. It’s become respected as a straight which leads back to the sea.

Whosoever can unite waters, is dammed if do, damned if don’t.



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