Feeding Wander

Photo taken in Phuket, Thailand — at an Elephant Sanctuary in Rawai

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Wonderful is within, for wander is without.

To wonder you must look in, to wander you must seek out.

To be full of wonder you become full of inner joy & passion,

To be full of wander you travel miles and get lost, but found by askin,

…a new you, a new her, new people, all who may have been tasked in.

Say they label you a wanderlust, for you seek the outer unknown things you lust.

And then, those close to you question your how,

That’s how you become wonderful.

It’s to be admired for your wonder,

Asked where you’ve wandered,

Then you’ll make them wonder,

Where they’ll wander,

And they ponder,

Who’s the Elephant?

Their trunk gets broader


The above is inspired by an Oasis song called “Wonderwall”, another one of fourteen songs I wrote next to in my latest published journal, A MUSE IN TUNES.