Uptown Muse

Story has it that Althea and Donna stepped into the studio and ad-libbed the lyrics to a beat by a Deejay track, which made the song you can listen to above. Toasting, or chatting is a form of monotonic rap, mostly heard in the Caribbean, and that’s what you’re hearing in this song. What I heard, is written in my latest journal, ‘A MUSE IN TUNES‘.

If you’ve heard my voice on BuddTalk’s Podcast, you’ll understand my monotonic style of speaking, which carries more power within the context of my story than I can amplify. Uptown Top Ranking is one of fourteen songs I wrote next to in my latest published journal because it answers the questions below, completes the following statements, and connects a muse projected from a Deejay session from over 40 years ago.

Monday, May 9, 2022

What lies inside your favorite songs, is what lies inside of you.

It’s the glorious view, of a potential new you.

Who so ever creates the art, takes the muse.

Who so ever takes the muse, strengthens the art.

Who so ever gives the art, shares the muse.

How is a muse elated?

How can a muse be translated?

They’ll tell you that music is the vernacular of the soul,

…and words transcribe the meaning of desire, passion, and the happening grit humans hold in vain.

If a muse becomes a person, that person is a tool.

If a muse is misused, that user is a fool.

They wrote, “Don’t cast your pearls before swine.”

But today, swine dances to foolish pearls.

So, what did they put in your favorite songs?

Go listen—only fools miss it.



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