Resting Feet

Written through the muse intoned in, “This Is The Sea” by The Waterboys — one of fourteen songs that inspired my latest published journal.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Hello from the other side. It’s the area of which you don’t reside. The land of the disciplined and those who can’t decide. Here, there are no troubles or pains—and the uncertainty is like cocaine. Not the party drug, but the inner hits of dopamayne.

If you’re trying to make sense of what’s written, don’t, you can’t, because we’re not listening to the same tunes.

We’re not sipping the same cup of bitter Masala tea. So even if you try, you’ll fail to render the idea that you’re confined to your rivers.

This, was written from the seas of life—where an infinite school of words drift from between the seabed to the surface. Some words taken aboard, some rejected, and so what…

Assuming you swim upon these waters, you know one thing—it sucks. Often in no man’s land, it can seem like days, weeks, or months before swimming upon new shores of meaning. The wise who claim they’ve made it, suggest that enjoying the journey is most important, because the destination is one point in time which passes. And so is each moment en route.

Consider this, the voyage and destination are one. Once you understand that, you invite yourself to the first cardinal rule of life.

There’s no journey to complete, so rest your feet. This is a dance, my boy… Take your time.



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