One Eye Love

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Of all the lights in our universe, I chose you. You illuminate, dim, and then you suddenly brighten. From there, I must cover my eyes.

I can feel that your colors only matter when the mood is important. Once in a while you’re blue, and when our sun goes down you’re yellow. Mixing the two makes you green. So are you where the money is? Although eyes do brighten when money is in sight, I wouldn’t think so.

Is it true that your light is my reflection?

It sure answers the question why space is dark—because if the sun is so bright, then why is it black out there?

The short answer is that light needs a canvas. It needs dust. It needs us, who need water. Earth’s atmosphere has the perfect chemical exchange—where we are the source by which light reflects.

And there are well over eight billion of us. So again, I chose you. Shall we make this a novel exchange?

Love has no color.


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