Out Of The Blue

This poem is a hand written piece by Saher, who I met in Cairo, Egypt back in January. I found it bold of him to not only let me read it, but to post it. Borrow the mood by a journey through his words.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

I walk in. I see you. I watch you.

I wait for you. I tickle you. I tease you.

I search you. I breathe you.

I talk. I smile.

I touch your hair. You are the one.

You are the one who did this to me.

You are my own.

I show you. I feel you. I ask you.

I don’t ask. I won’t ask. I can’t tell you.

I lie.

I am crying hard. There was blood.

No one told me. No one knew.

I forget your name. I don’t think.

I bury my head. I bury your head.

I bury you.

My skin.

I cannot breathe. I cannot eat. I cannot walk.

I am losing time. I am losing ground.

I cannot stand it.

I cry. I cry out. I bite. I bite your lip.

I breathe your breath.

I pulse. I pray. I pray aloud.

I smell you on my skin.

I say the word. I say your name.

I cover you. I shelter you. I run from you.

I sleep beside you.

I smell you on my clothes.

I keep your clothes.

I keep you.


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