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Featured photo is the art on the wall in my hotel room here in Istanbul, Turkey. I should steal it. I can’t find it anywhere on our World Wide Shopping Mall Dot Commercial. For those who entered our matrix after Dos, that’s what ‘Com’ stands for in ‘.com‘.

Dos was a, nevermind…

Sunday, February 20, 2022

P ain’t for power if you got it.

Pivot, reroute it—never proceed how you started.

P ain’t for protest—ya’ll must’ve seen the reactive unrest.

Copy don’t paste—reread and regroup, it’s the proper humane pace.

P ain’t for panic.

…no entity in this world pushing P for paper.

The P used to page her,

Broke his heart, cried al a carte, then hand wrote her a letter.

Feelings light as a feather, wishing we’ll get back together.

But this P ain’t for past, more like progress—dumbass.

P don’t even practice,

The boy shows up and you bet he gets active.

P ain’t got patience—time is now.

Although P can wait, never not present.

P ain’t for pro, prep, or punk.

P never passed,


P flew miles for stamps,

His pages are cramped,

But P ain’t for passport.

Dear Clinton Sparks, should I write more?

You see the P in her poise?

Found her pose on the wall,

Cost nothing to show this to ya’ll,

But my property to write free for all,

Selfish tendencies but who else can I call?

Poetically writing so let me stop or I stall.


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