Write Her By Sunset

Photo taken in (Thira) Santorini, Greece

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

She had to have walked in for a reason,

And so from there, she wrote,

Bout’ a page I suppose.

I’m shy, I don’t poke.

Maybe I’ll write her in hope,

What could be but won’t,

What I should speak but don’t,

Who is she? I’m blown…

Earth’s wildchild?

Model pro?

Main Character, I’d suppose—

Where our path’s meet—that’s dope.

Like a rom-com, but nope.

Face reality, c’mon bro.

Like sunsets girls come, most go.

…I’ll add one thing though,

She hid her eyes,

Like I know…

The sun’s bright,

I liked her coat.

But fate peaks like most won’t,

She couldn’t hide her true glow.


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