Yum Yum Eat Em’ Up!

Dinner for one.

Monday, January 31, 2022

I’m not above it,

I’m of it.

Cooked fresh, seasoned,

And steaming out the oven.

Hot pan, watch your hands—

It’s best you glove em’,

Set me atop the eye,

Simmer me right.

Scoop me lite,

I’m hot like pie.

Well rounded and nice,

Sweet and neat,

…what our belly will fiend,

From chews by our teeth,

Chunky but sweet,

Moisting through heat,

Tender if meat,

Like butter on wheat,

Grainy type seeds,

With eggs by our tea,

Staycation me please,

It’s morning now eat.

So Bon Appetit,

This oven’s at ease.

I’m of it, so please,

I’m flyin’ to Greece.

Reread to believe.

I’m done here,



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