Between The Nile

Zamalek is the Island above, splitting the Nile River. It’s where I ran the other day. It’s hip, urban, and full of punks because a lot of young kids hang out in that area. One kid tried me on my run. I didn’t flinch. Next thing I see are two younger boys waving me down and cheering me on. Yeah, they caught the vibe and threw it right back. Others, I guess couldn’t take it…

Monday, January 23, 2022

Running next to the Nile I had to smile,

At her, because she stares,

And beast cares.

Running next to the Nile I had to sing,

To them, because I had a song,

And silence is wrong.

Running next to the Nile it’s filthy,

But beautiful, wasteful,

A hustler’s selling note.

Running next to the Nile she smiled back,

I’m nice at what I do, it’s true,

Because I don’t get tired,

So leave me alone,

I’m living inspired.

Running next to the Nile I ignore the ignorant,

Who step in my way—which’s risky,

You’re either with me, against me,

Or chancing your destiny.

So please don’t f*ck with me.

I’m a selfish running asshole,

Dreaming over rivers between Giza and Cairo 🙂


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