Forward Shadow

The feature photo was taken inside one of the seven Dahshur Pyramids, called The Red Pyramid of Dahshur. It’s the first perfected pyramid built around Giza. View more videos and photos here

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

That star, that light,

It keeps staring at me.

I’m insecure—jeez.

Its light is so bright.

Turn it down, alright?

I need sleep not light,

I need dim for it’s night.

Oh—it’s heaven sent?

What makes it so special?

Because it says, and glows so?

I’m hell bent with a pocket full of lent,

Regrets and false hopes—

Maybe that’s why….

I can’t take its glow.

But about that shadow,

It’s me, like you, imitating past news.

The difference is, I know shadows stay grounded,

And light shines up—

It’s why people look up.

Avoiding dark alleys and fuck ups.

Well, guess what,

That’s me, ignorant to light within.

And so, Dear shadow, come again—we’re synergy,

Light’s energy,

Now I welcome you as kin to me.


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