Promise To Row

Photo by Gaurav Rajpoot on yourshot

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

In peace and mind,

I share with you a piece of my mind,

Mostly these thoughts aren’t mine,

So at ease I’ll find,

An unseen ocean, though blind.

Day to day we grind,

Until we break to unwind.

Now it’s do or die.

Decisions we’ve made through cries.

How else to live and fight?

With that comes peace we’ll strive.

Contrasting the bridge we drive,

To reach the peace we’ll find,

Because the peace is light,

Reflecting off waters, we dive,

Thru’ currents we flow,

If not, breathe.

It’s your oar to row.

Either way you die.

It’s how things on earth go.


So bye!


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