What If Tomorrow…

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

Sunday, October 24, 2021

They email you for a Zoom call interview,

Or your crush texts you, “Hey you 🙂

..yes, you!”

What if our sky shows its blue,

after a Monday forecast of rain and morning dew.

Imagine that check arrives in the mail,

…despite several Mondays overdue.

Imagine your boss awards you, for being you.

And working hard to help your colleagues who often doubted you.

Do you ever envision coming home, and your spouse shows you dinner reservations?

They exclude the kids, too.

Hence the babysitter for a few,

So relax and be free.

You know surprises come in three.

So you could win the lottery.

Run into your idol or favorite celebrity.

Maybe finally get that car,

So you can go ahead and toss the metro card.

Actually keep it, every city ain’t friendly to cars,

But if we’re lucky enough to see a blue sky of invisible stars,

We can envision one asking, “You and I are closer than it seems we are,

…but nothing like these clouds, making you forget who you are.”

What if tomorrow you become a megastar?

And it’s you, asking you, “How far do you think we’re apart?”

Don’t dare try answering, be clever or smart.

Imagination’s a what if game.

If you do it too much,

You’ll look apart.


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